Nancy Boatman’s Pension Application

The pension Application of Nancy Boatman,i very difficult to decipher, is below. This is my best effort at deciphering the pertinent parts. While a bit about Nancy is under the Boatman Family, as well as here and there on these pages, many are confused about this record, for reasons below. The pension was denied on the grounds that only minor children were entitled to pensions.

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“Boatman, Claudius R.12556 M804 – Penn residence of heir in 1860, State of Pennsylvania ? Lycoming County Be it known that …of the Justices? of the county of Lycoming & State of Pennsylvania is commissioned ? one ?? Qualified to administer the …Law??

Nancy Boatman appeared ? … Of Law that she is the daughter and heir at law & legal representative of Cladies Boutman or ? … Soldier & who entered ? Service at ? Commencement… or ?? Muncy ? & served until … regiment… used by General Lafette in ?? Entrusted ?? Dr. ?? Y entered ?? said ?? soldier ?? one ?? .. the ?? Of Muncy 1776 & served ?? ?? at war ou the ?? as ? more ?? as the ?? of Washington and who in his lifetime was not paid ?? by the government of the United States, who is now dead.

Entitled to a pension ?? 18 th of ? 1818 ?? …pension to officers and soldiers ? The Revolutionary War ?? Soldiers said …Nancy Boatman heir representative of Boatman who was a ? in the Revolutionary War & who ?….served out the ? Of his enlistment or ? Discharged said ? Of Boatman. ..daughter & heir at law and legal representative … Cladies Boatman & his service ?? …..before mentioned that ? Other ? Clerk of the pensions? To office ? Soldiers widowed and children who are heirs of officers and soldiers of deceased officers and soldiers who have died Y ? not benefic? …for which the soldiers died Enlisted to said Nancy Boatman makes this application that she may obtain the amount ? ?? Nancy ? Boatman ? Claiming as heir in law and legal representative of said Boatman, a soldier of the war of the Revolution & who ? …of 18th March 1818 or any other acts of Congress & who died ?? 18th of 1819 & ?? At the ? Of ??? …. Nancy ? Boatman …applicant…?? All ?? Known all ? ..that Nancy Boatman do here by ? Y ? Edward Clay may share? & lawful attorney for ?? …pensions of the United States the ?? …as heir at law and legal representative of Cladios Boatmann.

There do seem to be some discrepancies in the paperwork:

  • Claudius Boatman did not sign up initially in Lycoming at the start of the war. He was near Warwick in Orange County, New York at the start of the war, signed up in Northumberland, in the Buffalo Valley area, and was not in what was later to be Lycoming County until 1785, after the war ended. A daughter of Claudius Boatman would know this.
  • Claudius does seem to have been paid during his lifetime; see discussion under Pennsylvania Revolutionary Service and see Claudius’ pay records.
  • It seems unlikely Claudius served with Washington or Lafayette. He may, perhaps “brushed shoulders” with Washington during his service in New York. Claudius served with Robinson’s Rangers after June of 1780, and there is no record of them serving with either Washington or Lafayette. Very little is known of Claudius’ service between March of 1777 and June of 1780.
  • There appears to be no other record or documentation found for Nancy, at this writing, at least. While it’s not unusual for records for women to be more difficult to find, one would think she would have been on the 1850, 1860 or even 1870 census, at least.

This record has been such a puzzle to family historians that many discount her as being a legitimate child of Claudius Boatman. The application was filed for Nancy by a party who filed others about the same time, and they were denied, as well. While there is a possibility that Nancy Boatman was a daughter of Claudius, Jr., the death date and dates of service still don’t quite jive.  If you’re familiar with Nancy, please comment, especially if you have any documentation. If you’re better at reading this application than I am, I’d love to have help deciphering it.

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I’ve had a lot of fun researching Claudius, and am pleased to share everything I’ve learned, much of it due to other researchers before me – please feel free to use anything on this site – I do ask you to source it, though, so others may find it.  And please, share what you know in the same spirit this has been shared.  mvkirby – I can be emailed directly at

Sources and notes:

i Content Source: The National Archives, Publication Number: M804, Publication Title: Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant and Application Files, Publisher: NARA, National Archives Catalog ID: 300022, National Archives Catalog Title: Case Files of Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Applications Based on Revolutionary War Service, compiled ca. 1800 – ca. 1912, documenting the period ca. 1775 – ca. 190, Record Group: 15. Short Description: NARA M804. Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files. Veteran Surname: Boatman, Veteran Given Name: Claudius, Pension Number: R. 12556

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