Help, Please!

There’s a limit to what I know about Claudius Boatman and family; I’m not local to Pennsylvania, and yes, I do have other ancestors I’m working on both in my family and in my children’s families! While Claudius has become something of a fascination, I never expected this project to be so big and for him to take over my life…

It’s just that there is so much information on Claudius, and so much misinformation, that I thought I’d write a page or two on him…well, you can see where that thought has gotten me! Hindsight is 20/20 as they say!  I wonder what Claudius might think if he knew he’d taught me how to use HTML?

There are some records I’d like to examine, and I’m hoping other family might have them and email/mail them to me, and some books that I cannot get my hands on here in Minnesota, as well as a few other miscellaneous items.

Why don’t I put down my Christmas Wish List here, and perhaps if you’ve enjoyed reading about our colorful ancestor, you might be persuaded to help? LOL, I sound a bit like Public Television, don’t I? Perhaps I should offer a membership and dream up a Claudius T-Shirt? Have some I “heart” Gloude mugs?

Wish List:

  • Photos of the areas Claudius and family lived in or were involved in.
  • Any paperwork involving the estates of Claudius Boatman, Sr. or Jr.
  • Newspaper articles not already on the list of News Articles I already have. Transcripts are fine, copies are best.
  • If you’re a genealogist and you can fill in any of the questions I have throughout this site, please help!
  • If you have access to any local histories that aren’t on the internet and contain information about the Boatmans I’d love to hear about it.

Wish List:  Books I know about but don’t have access to; I’d love to have copies of Claudius’ information and at least the first generation of his family along with any citations included:

  • History of Little Pine Valley: history & genealogy of Little Pine Valley and its residents, Author:  Harry Stephenson, Camp Hill, PA: Plank’s Suburban Press, 1992, ©1991.
  • English and allied families: Boatman, Callahan, Carson, Bonnell, Navel, of Pine Creek Valley, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, Helen Herritt Russell; Rhoda English Ladd, Publisher: Wellsboro, Pa. : R.E. Ladd, [198-?]
  • Pennsylvania’s Pine Creek Valley and pioneer families, Author: Spencer L Kraybill, Publisher: Baltimore (1001 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21202) : Gateway Press, 1991

(I’m a bit chagrined to admit I haven’t been able to actually read the above books; I have emailed and spoken to several libraries and have been unsuccessful in getting a librarian to follow up and do this groundwork for me, even after I have agreed to pay research fees on top of the copying fees. In cases where the library refers the work onto a local genealogist, I’ve yet to get a reply including the information. I have, however, had various family members cite bits and pieces for me.)

A few more  writings:

  • History of the Ryen Family by Dr. Allen Ryen
  • The Genealogy of Claudius Boatman by Dorothy E. Detjen, published posthumously by her daughter, Claudia Detjen Kinville in 1990
  • The Boatman Family by Opal Cox, 1981 (contains two pages of Claudius Boatman’s family)
  • A paper I believe is called “Claudius Boatman, Patriot” perhaps by Rhoda English Ladd

I will be adding to this, with more specific information, but for now, it’s time for me to sign off…

25 thoughts on “Help, Please!

  1. Daughters of the American Revolution library in Washington DC has English and allied families: Boatman, Callahan, Carson, Bonnell, Navel, of Pine Creek Valley, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, Helen Herritt Russell; Rhoda English Ladd, Publisher: Wellsboro, Pa. : R.E. Ladd, [198-?] in their GRC database. You can contact the library for copies. I have reviewed this material and it is worth ordering.

    • Hello. I was reading this wonderful research for awhile now. Are you or anyone still working on this family? I may be of some help. Rebecca

      • I still have interest and work on genealogy stuff for the Claudius Boatman family , mostly in winter when i can’t be working outside. I haven’t spent as much time researching and digging around as some have indicated they have done. If there are specific questions i can check my stuff to see if i might fill in some blanks, or confirm some info.

    • Thanks, Sarah, I did not realize this! I was under the impression that I needed a “number” to access information at the DAR, and have been operating under that misunderstanding for years…I’m so glad you responded; this opens a few doors for me…

  2. Happy to help! Have fun exploring their resources, and let me know if you have any questions about the application process if/when you do decide to join. I’m a volunteer genealogist for DAR and I’m always happy to help.

  3. Hello Foundroots!
    I too have been active learning the genealogy of my family, primarily thru and
    My wife and I are history geeks, especially when it comes to military and pioneer stuff, so being a descendent of Claudius Boatman, I was extremely excited that I found your web page.
    Your research and hard work putting the information online is very much appreciated!
    If there’s anything that I can assist you with, please feel free to ask.

    • Keith, I’d love to hear any comments you might have, especially in any “grey” areas – research and focus seems to differ a bit for everyone I’ve spoken to – and, of course, I’m always looking for the one elusive bit that I don’t have! Sorry to have been so tardy with my reply.

  4. Claudius Boatman was my great great great great grandfather. My grandfather was Claudius Edward Boatman. I have quite a bit of information about his descendants. My uncle, Bruce Claudius Boatman went to Pine Creek near Waterville PA , saw the grave stone and i’ve seen photos of it. Many of the Boatmans are buried at Sonestown PA. Family stories say that Esther Boatman rode a large appaloosa horse on her rounds to provide medical care to people. I have photos of many of the gravestones. Someone mentioned the Boatman Family reunion at Picture Rocks Park, PA on Father’s Day in June. Last year we decided to hold it at the home of one of the family as the numbers attending the reunion had dropped a lot. If anyone is interested in attending this year, please contact me for details.

  5. Hi, Jo! What a wonderful invite! Do you have contact information you’d like to leave here? Perhaps a gmail account that you could set up where interested cousins could contact you? I can’t imagine you’d be flooded with requests, but that way you could retain a bit of privacy and still get the information out to those interested.

  6. I have a copy of Harry Stephenson’s History of Little Pine Valley, and had extracted all of the information on Claudius and a few other ancestors before I found your site. While his book is a very enjoyable read, you already have considerably more information on the Boatman family than Mr. Stephenson supplies. So I wouldn’t concern myself about not having had access to this source.

    And yes, you did all this for the pure joy of it, but nevertheless, thank you.

  7. My mother was Dorothy E. Detjen, a Claudius descendent. Thank you for referencing her book. Would you please make one correction? Her book was published posthumously by her daughter, Claudia Detjen Kinville. Thank you. I look forward to exploring these pages, Leslie Detjen

  8. I am the great grand daughter of Albert Hiram Boatman, his father was Claudius Edward Boatman. I remember Uncle Bruce, Uncle Rolley, Aunt Elizabeth. Are we descendants of Claudius Goude Boatman? And does anyone have pictures of Claudius Edward Boatman and family members?

    • Hi Tonya! 🙂 According to my notes:

      Claudius Edward was born 1 Aug 1865, son of Claudius Boatman and Mae Jane (Margaret) Clark.

      Claudius Boatman was born 6 Dec 1806 and was the son of William Boatman and Nancy Agnes Cole.

      William Boatman was born 6 Mar 1797, the son of Claudius (Glode) Boatman and Esther.

      Hopefully someone will have photos!

      • Hi. I have been working on this branch of my tree. I believe that branches of this surname have used bootman along with boatman. I see that my family in recent last 150yrs have used mainly bootman but records show that they were boatmans and were orphans or placed in a boatman/bootman step family home. Maybe porter, Johnson or something. I have Clark on both sides of family. The DNA shows relation to John Marshall born prior to 1790. I think a boatman woman married a marshall man abt 1800 in Baltimore, NY or PA. We have DNA from several male bootman/boatman submitted on ancestry and 23. Just for thought may connect. Best regards, rebecca

  9. Hello Ladies and everyone here. Is there anyone related that has submitted DNA? I have a few male boatmans that should connect on Ancestry and 23. I believe it will help solve this mysterious branch and clarify Boatman, Bootman, Brown, Marshall, Goodenows, Barrows, Herbert, hurbert and Duffy MacDuffies in world tree. Please feel free to contact me. Best Regards, Rebecca

  10. I went to the Jersey Shore, PA, public library in 2014 and copied some information from the genealogy collection including some relevant (Boatman) pages from a couple of bound books (sorry but first one is confusing – not sure now from my notes that I took at the time if this was 2 separate bound books):
    1. The Allied Families of English, Boatman, and Callahan of Pine Creek Valley in Western Lycoming Cnty, PA. (and/or) Allied Families: Carson, Bonnell, Harris, Conner, Ramsey, Wolf, Nabal(?, sp), Emery, Martin — etc.: By. Helen Herritt (sp.?) Russell (Mrs. Perry G.) of Jersey Shore, PA (1898-1979). pp 54 to 65
    2. Pine Creek Valley Families Vol. 5, Claudius and Ester Boatman. Data collected and compiled by Rhoda English Ladd (1990). (about 40+ pages).

    I could copy these various pages and mail on to you.

    Regards, Rodney James Boatman
    (my 4th great grandfather was Claudius Boatman Sr.)

  11. I have extensive research given to me that is 2 books about 3 inches thick that I would be willing to copy and mail you if you could cover the copying fees. I also have my own research and pictures that i am happy to share with anyone that is interested. My direct email is and my name is Kristie. Claudius is my 5th great grandfather.

  12. Pennsylvania’s Pine Creek Valley and pioneer families, Author: Spencer L Kraybill, Publisher: Baltimore (1001 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21202) : Gateway Press, 1991 I own a copy of this book so if there is anything you need let me know. The book is quite expensive and very large.

  13. Claudius Boatman was also MY great-great-great-great grandfather! The historian Helen Herritt Russell was my grandmother.

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