News Articles

There have been several articles about the Boatman family…both Claudius and his children have been a subject that has fascinated local historians and descendants for years…

Here are links to pages showing actual newspaper articles about Claudius and family. If you know of others and can email me at or comment below, it would be much appreciated! If you’re a cousin in the the Lycoming area and able to research the library for additional items, it would be much appreciated. Please remember to source this site so others may find it.


Special thanks to cousin, David Merkel who made me aware of the articles in the 70’s regarding Claudius’ marker, and who took the time to publish his photo of Claudius’ Boatman’s gravesite, featured under Claudius’ Death and Burial as well as on many family trees and findagrave.

I’ve had a lot of fun researching Claudius, and am pleased to share everything I’ve learned, much of it due to other researchers before me – please feel free to use anything on this site – I do ask you to source it, though, so others may find it. And please, share what you know in the same spirit this has been shared – I welcome all thoughts and discussion. mvkirby – I can be emailed directly at

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